Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tattoos For Women - How to Get the Sexiest Tattoos For Women

Receiving a tattoo for the first time can be very difficult for anyone to have to go through. Even the smallest tattoos on the shoulder or in some other hidden location can be quite intimidating for the first time tattoo experience. A very popular set of tattoos that can be seen as the top five sexy tattoos for women involve the tribal genre. It just says something about the fascination that individuals have with the ancient tribal regions of the world, at least in their tattoo art that is.

A great way to list the top five sexy tattoos for women is to share that in a short, but concise offering. This listing will also assist anyone who's thinking about getting a tattoo because this will enter the age-old question of how to get the sexiest tattoos for women. It is important to understand thoroughly that costs and permanence are two characteristics of a tattoo experience that need to be taken into consideration and accepted before any 'Baby-Blue' or 'Bobby Forever' is placed upon the body.

* Tribal - Interlaced Patterns, Animal Forms, Celtic Designs
* Rose - Colored Roses, Cartoon Roses, Yellow Rose
* Butterfly - Sexy Flying butterfly, Hard to Beat
* Heavenly Bodies - Stars, Planets, Sun, Earth, Moon
* Heart - Colored Hearts, Hearts with Names

The sexiest tattoos are the ones that are in locations where men adore. Ankle tattoos are really, very sexy locations for a tattoo for young women and the ever-loved by all, 'tramp-stamp' on the lower back, gets the vote for this tattoo loving reviewer! Research and deep-thought are things that need to be thought about and very carefully before putting ink to the body.

Many women rush into these inking's, such as they rush into relationships and what happens normally with that rushing? Nothing good. A better way is to know exactly what you want to get on your body and then see certain examples of that design or feeling. The tattoo artist does not care how long you take in deciding what will be a permanent fixture or advertisement on your body, as it is extremely important. Conversely, getting to know the tattoo artist is one of the best ways to not only save a little bit on the work but also make a friend!

When thinking about the coolest and sexiest designs for women, stars come to mind. They are primitive and our love for all things feminine in strong women, it is nice to see a half-moon or a series of shooting stars on the body of a vixen. Whenever I see a heavenly body of stars I tend to get weak in the knees. A woman can do no better than having the constellation of the Milky Way draped across her beautiful chest along with some stars dropping down, some stars heading for the white Milky Way of her neck and finally ending up at her smile.

Yet the overall theme is out of this world and very sexy. The bottom line is that you will have to wear this tattoo and if it's sexy, then all the better. But if it is not sexy and falls out of favor, you will have to get it covered up and have a plan B in line so that the tattoo-artist can say I thought we would be doing this one day. Plan your tattoo design so this does not happen. While tattoos for women can be sexy, scars from laser removal surgery are not.